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Why Health Impact started?

Health Impact is here to guide you to better health with the right nutrition. I want you to take better care of yourself mentally, physicially, emotionally and spiritually. Nutritious food will help you feel more energized during an impact period like grief. During stressful times it's harder for your body to absorb nutrients well, so I want to make sure you take enough vitamins and minerals with a science-based approuch.

About Mahsa

Back in 2015, I suddenly lost my dear brother of 21 years old to a heart attack. This experience had a big impact on my life and health. I felt a lot of negative emotions and started fitness as a way to deal with those emotions. I became curious about nutrition and how it can prevent diseases. A healthy lifestyle gave me the tools to take better care of myself during a stressful time.


My brother and best friend, Alisina

Personal story


A healthy lifestyle helped me during my grieving process. What also helped was spending time in nature, travel, reading, journaling, mindfulness and meditation. My friends and family supported me during this time which I'm very grateful for. To focus my attention more on the present moment, I stopped constantly thinking about the past and why it happend. In a way, it gave me more peace. Grief is different for everyone. It's important to accept your intense emotions and find a healthy way to deal with it. They say ''you have to feel it to heal it'' and I believe that is true.

I shared my personal story to hopefully inspire you to take action in a healthy lifestyle. We can't control what happens to us, but we can control how we take care of our health. 


You deserve to feel happy & healthy!


This picture was made on a fitness bootcamp in Thailand where I became curious about nutrition. I travelled solo for the first time and met amazing people.


The Big Bhudda Run, we woke up at 4am to run up a hill (10km). On our way up we saw the sunrise and spotted elephants in nature. It was a challening workout and at the top we enjoyed an amazing view!

Mission: Welkom

Now I'm curious to hear your story

I'm curious who you are and what your current challenges are. How are you dealing with your grieving process and your health? I would love to listen to your story.

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